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Division of hair of couplet of 5G new era opens neat position high

Was about to enter 5G period 2020, 5G is peremptory for the world acts this year communication congress (one of MWC) focuses, plant of mobile phone chipCouplet hair divisionWithConnect high(Qualcomm) is not absent also, contend for develop overall arrangement.

post day: 201603/287695…

  Couplet hair divisionAnnounce namely during MWC, will act with 5G of NTTDoCoMo joint development network technology, assist DoCoNo to reach the goal that 2020 array 5G network throws battalion to carry.

   Couplet hair divisionProgram, will fall to undertake transmission an experiment at the same time with the environment outdoor indoors with DoCoMo 2017, start the development project of extent of brand-new and wireless mind and chip at rising 2018.

   Connect highAnnounce,

   Connect highEstablish a letter to will develop inchoate test with love, begin component of technology of 5G of key of test and verify, what make 3GPPRelease15 standard in order to assist standardize place to need is technical the job, this edition 3GPP predicts to was made 2018 finish.

Couplet hair division and connect high also join Chinese mobile 5G to combine innovation center at the same time, promote 5G development jointly.

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A group army of open of electron of SamSung of watch of layout mobile phone, VR, intelligence fights

In recent years, of all kinds global exhibit meeting, korea of company of the most popular science and technologySamSungThe electron always grabs sufficient limelight, this 2016 congress of global mobile communication, SamSungexhibit a stage as before the person is completely suffer from, news briefing also impetus huge. SamSungUsing this battle array to ” of world “ beautiful muscle, those who show the hottest company not common actual strength.

post day: 201603/287705…

Battle array is unaltered, the strategy is unripe change, sell a dot to look from a lot of detail of the spot and product conduct propaganda, dimensions is occupational before business of mobile of —— of industry of SamSung electron pillar changes the extensive type of the market grows mode, aggrandizement product detail, promotion the product will experience henceforth, higher market approbates in an attempt to spend and stronger excessive price capability.

A group army fights

Congress of global mobile communication, common calls a mobile phone congress. The mobile phone of SamSung is tasted newly let industry be full of expect. According to promotion rhythm, galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge come out as scheduled.

Besides the detailed introduction of adversary machine function, samSung still was popularized mainly can with above implementation of two mobile phones is not had seam Gear S2 Classic of watch of connective SamSung intelligence and Gear of virtual reality equipmentVR.

In news briefing spot proper consumer is enmeshed at GearVRThe “ ring that equipment brings swims when the experience of ” world, take next glasses to discover the another big surprise on the stage however, the patriarch of Facebook of American gregarious website plunges into Kebaige to show up, immediately assembly room erupts long scream and take a picture sound.

Of SamSung news briefingVRLink invites platform of Za Kebai case, besides the consequence of star entrepreneur, still matter in the collaboration between VR domain with its. Facebook bought Oculus with the price of 2 billion dollar 2014, and the technical driving force that Oculus is Gear VR of SamSung VR equipment. Zakebaige states “VR will be next generation platform on the spot. So Facebook early made the investment of this respect. ”

All the time since, no matter be annual SamSung,show forum, other still and large exhibit meeting, samSung mobile phone always is branch of SamSung mobile communication the Chongzhongzhi that electron of whole even SamSung publicizes is heavy, and invite this endorse for VR when entrepreneur of red Silicon Valley, the strategic position that showed SamSung news report appears slight change, samSung communication will fight with means of a group army henceforth.

Not long ago, ” fortune ” announced share of smartphone manufacturer market and corresponding profit were occupied 2015 than, the outstanding achievement of SamSung is admired evil spirit other people. SamSung market share the first, occupy than 23.9% , the 2nd apple is held 17.2% . The operation profit that the four seasons spent SamSung electrovalence branch 2015 is 2.23 trillion Han yuan, on prep above year the 1.96 trillion Han of the corresponding period yuan.

Nevertheless such outstanding achievement did not achieve industry to anticipate. The Lu of · of analyst division Lei Ge of HMC Investment Securities of Korea certificate business (Introduction Greg Roh) , “ SamSung electron rolled out Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus earlier than in former years last year two admiral equipment. But appear on the market ahead of schedule and can not restrain continuity of share of market of smartphone of this company high end of mobile phone of SamSung high end to glide. ”

The plan put to good use that SamSung relies on business of onefold mobile phone to promote gain of newsletter business section capability is not successful, growth of mobile phone market encounters bottleneck.

What form bright contrast to it is the intelligence such as intelligent watch, VR apparels the profit potential with equipment breathtaking market.

Battalion received malic company to grow quickly 2015, reach 232 billion dollar, relatively the photograph of 191 billion dollar 2014 compares growth 21% . Money newspaper shows, besides mobile phone business, business contributed malic intelligence watch not to poor profit. The personage inside course of study thinks generally, malic watch is the hero that drives intelligent watch market, current, warm-up of intelligent watch market has been finished.

Although intelligent watch also was rolled out to wait for a product before SamSung, but promotion is unmindful all the time, at present SamSung can take advantage of a favorable situation and go up, in order to change the issue with single ability of communication branch gain.

Seed profit is begged into

SamSung government introduced backside of congress of mobile communication of this whole world recently a lot of unbeknown stories. SamSung shows virtual reality skill to the outside first, confront unprecedented challenge.

The person that this fictitious technology experiences is as high as 5000 people, news briefing spot should make sure each participator can pass what virtual reality technology arrives in light of VR glasses to reveal. “ experience link should make sure equipment must have another report, content that should assure to broadcast to must be shown on every equipment at the same time. Chief tells related ” SamSung communication " China runs a newspaper " reporter, preparing level, equipment installs 100 equipment to go up first, undertake detect and be debugginged, put 500 again then, debug again, put 1000 again then, good till installation 5000, until encounter a problem.

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Organization of international of spot bus line announces coder attestation checks

Profibus&Profinet International(PI) already began to be opposite use itsCoderNormative product undertakes attestation, in order to ensure drive and the each other that athletic control uses operate a gender. CoderA variety of drive that the standard defined the PROFIdrive of standard and PI to be based on Profinet and Profibus and the each other operation that motion controls a technology apply an interface.

post day: 201603/287696…

Long-tested PROFIdrive normative tester will be used atCoderAttestation checks. Already developed a special test script that is used at coder attestation now, can use at the tester of newest version. It undertakes automata to checking the assessment of alignment and coder equipment, simplify the test reduces attestation cost at the same time.

PI member can download PROFIdrive normative tester and coder test script freely. Coder manufacturer is usable when development, allow attestation test to be in cast installation aspirant travel. The test will check a lab to carry out by PROFIdrive.

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Video industry is followed ” Hong Xia is loved ” a resonance

Beijing time on March 1 message, although bilateral autograph defers about, the “ Hong Xia that Dan Feng loop turns loves ” ─ ─Grand seaBeg buy general of summer of Japanese electron big plant (─ of one case ─ has been close to Sharp) at long last end career of the photoelectricity below banner of TrendForce of; market research organization is in WitsView to express, ” of wedding of this “ century is the grand occasion that course of study of global science and technology pays close attention to not only, toMonitorIndustry and different application fasten a product to also having broad and far-reaching influence.

post day: 201603/287706…

Small size uses a field, Grand seaGrab close Xia Pu actively, first starting point is Xia Pu in silicon of microtherm much brilliant (a Chinese ink of LTPS) technology. WitsView points out, xia Pu was produced in global LTPS 2015 can hold proportion about 18% , occupy before the whole world 3 large positions, xia Pu andGrand seaUnion not only short-term Neikedi is in for grand sea produce what can go up to assist, in long-term for, its technology also conduces to grand sea shortening a few propose form medium or the learning curve that the LTPS in the program produces a line.

Once prospective grand sea masters tall, medium, low rank the ability that whole set of mobile phone face plate abstains, tie-in itself already was provided quite the assembly of dimensions competition ability business, the advantage with sure perpendicular and integrated aggrandizement. Grand sea fastens a client to concern with the United States except thereby outside be being bound more closely, conduce to the business that extends client of brand of other mobile phone, use this business mode to establish new integrated threshold, let assemble a person of same business to be in cannot duplicate to fall with the premise of business quickly, difference of escalate competition ability.

In dimension application respect, grand sea criterion focusing oxidizes in IGZO(indium gallium zinc) on the technology. Xia Pu is divided have the IGZO with the greatest whole world to produce can outside, what go up in this technology is cultivated more than 5 years, also be quantity of the earliest implementation produces the supplier that change, this pair of grand of great capacities that still lack relevant skill experience, not less than is put in complementary value of height.

WitsView expresses, because IGZO technology saves electric advantage, already blossommed and bear fruit on the product such as IPadPro, proleptic future is in flat also has development latent capacity on pen report product even. Offer the way of glass of IGZO face plate through Xia Pu, the course of study below division of group of tie-in grand sea is become (GIS) is in touch accuse, the integrated ability of joint and indication model group, the MegaSite production mode that is able to make layout long already is developed more incisively and vividly, not only conduce to battalion of promotion group whole closing, can leave one town again on product diversity more.

Large size uses a field, because this second enter advocate Xia Pu, grand sea will be climbed up further to the consequence of 10 acting factories litre, if add plan group achieve a share, be equal grand sea masters the whole world secondhand face plate of 20% large size is produced can. WitsView points out, from the point of combination of product of TV face plate, inside Xia Pu and grand sea group group achieve complementary sex is had on dimension, however large size market is long-term the pressure of supply exceeds demand as before, xia Pu and group achieve between final it is to pass through complementary collaboration to create double win, or the competition inside group company is reduced below client competition, still remain to observe in the future.

As to the development of brand of summerly general TV, because grand sea goes to be brought about to managing a brand,conflict with business of acting labour client be related mood is quite conservative, the brand force that increases Xia Pu has the secret worry that is restricted to shrink stage by stage, this part also of short duration is unscrambled with neutral position, put together effect is like in small size will get get effect instantly.

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Nobody drive the car goes song of traffic accident cereal to express first ” assume partial responsibility “

  Gu GeThe company is the integrated company with well-known whole world, effect of research and development of its science and technology is conspicuous, exposed to the sun recently however those who give this companyNobody driveCar and public transportation happening slight touch brush still belong to first.

post day: 201603/287697…

The intermediary outside occupying reports, alphabet is subordinateGu GeExpress, in Feburary the middle ten days of a month, be in this companyNobody driveOf car and a public transportation bus slight touch in brushing an accident, Nobody driveCar ought to “ assumes partial responsibility ” . This may beGu GeNobody drive the car needs to assume responsibility in the accident first.

In the document that submitted California to superintend a branch on Feburary 23, gu Ge expresses, this accident happened in city of California hill scene on Feburary 14. At that time, nobody drive car Leikesasi RX450h tries to pile sanded bag in the steer clear of on a wider driveway. Car travelling speed is less than horary 4 kilometers, and bus speed per hour is about horary 25 kilometers.

Gu Ge expresses, nobody drive car and the driver that take a car think, “ bus will decelerate, let nobody drive the car passes ” first. It is however after 3 seconds, when Gu Ge nobody drive car and when the line, just happen with the side of the bus touch brush, cause left wing, front wheel, be damaged with driver side sensor. The member that did not multiply in bilateral car gets hurt.

Gu Ge expresses, after accident happening, already undertook adjustment to software, avoid future the happening of similar accident. Gu Ge still says, “ is apparent we need to assume a few responsibility, because if our car is done not have,move, won’t produce collision so. In other words, our test driver thinks, bus will decelerate or jockey, let us and line, and driveway has enough space. ”

To this, controller of project of Consumer Watchdog privacy writings brush about · Xin Pusen (John Simpson) expresses, this removes accident “ to prove again, robot car technology still did not do nice perfectly sound to prepare ” to drive automatically.

And carat of American California emperor pulls spokesman of grain traffic bureau to express, will undertake investigating to this accident. She expresses, gu Ge nobody drive the car brought about a bus slight damage, collision place is the mobile part with hinge type mid passenger car. After accident happening, 15 passengers of the bus are carried to come by refute another car. She expresses at the same time, the investigation that holds about responsibility is current still afoot.


This is Gu Ge nobody drive the car produces traffic accident first

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Shanghai is electric buy German ManzAG to send force intelligence to make

  Shanghai is electricRelease invest announcement external, the company invests an agreement at was being signed with ManzAG and its related side on Feburary 28. According to this agreement, the company will buy the share that ManzAG issues. In the meantime, the scale that ManzAG will be pair of price to have partner to match 0.43 in order to make an appointment with every 1 to its with cash is added hair is new, new add offer to will not exceed every 40 euro.

post day: 201603/287707…



According to this agreement, Shanghai is electricWill appoint subscribe of subsidiary of a subordinate to was not added to send stock by what ManzAG has partner subscribe. The large stockholder DieterManz of ManzAG and its spouse (respectively hold ManzAG35.2% and the share of 3.8% ) will abandon respective subscribe advantageous position. Shanghai is electricSubordinate subsidiary is added this endowment the highest investment of subscribe predicts to be ninety-two million nine hundred and twenty-nine thousand euro, correspondence is added for ManzAG endowment hind its make an appointment with the capital stock of 29.9% .

Shanghai is electric say, according to the agreement, the company has the right to sign voting power agreement according to needing choice and DieterManz. After assuming voting power agreement is signed, the voting right that company subordinate subsidiary will have authority to enjoy share of ManzAG of DieterManz place hold to go up in ManzAG shareholder plenary meeting, at the same time company need abides by the legal provision related Germany and requirement further, walk on luggage draw together mandatory to Manz partner the legal obligation that should make an appointment with obligation inside.

Regard this as one part of the agreement, dieterManz acceptance, if sign voting agreement and mandatory already should carry out about, criterion the ManzAG share that its acceptance sells subsidiary of Shanghai electric subordinate needs, make Shanghai electric the 30.1% share of ManzAG of subordinate subsidiary hold. If mandatory should fail about at adding endowment hind put forward inside a year, criterion the ManzAG share that DieterManz acceptance sells subsidiary of Shanghai electric subordinate needs, make Shanghai electric the 29.9% share of ManzAG of subordinate subsidiary hold.

ManzAG headquarters is located in Germany Rhea spy Lin Gencheng, held water 1987, hanged out his shingle in German Frankfurt stock exchange 2006 appear on the market. Up to 2015 end, manzAG total capital stock is five million four hundred and twenty thousand nine hundred, among them the 39% share that DieterManz reachs his to match ManzAG of coincidence plan hold, odd the share of 61% by hold of other and current shareholder.

ManzAG is the high-tech equipment manufacturer with a banner whole world, only essence of life manufactures equipment solution advancedly at offerring, service at the electron, store can, solar energy equipment is made and the solution is offerred etc.

Shanghai is electric express, the company is devoting oneself to what the sources of energy and intelligence make professional work to last currently business is extended. ManzAG relies on his the automation technology of 30 one’s remaining years and experience are accumulated, union is right new energy resources, store can, the thorough craft understanding of the industry such as the electron and the long-term strategy that with international top-ranking company reachs a research organization cooperate, the level with banner international is in inside relevant domain. Through be being bought to the equity of ManzAG, can promote a company the automation standard in relevant domain not only, and can use its technology to accumulate extend the application that makes other field in intelligence. In the meantime, use both sides to be in international, China the resource of the market and advantage are complementary, hopeful forms more cooperating with in above domain advantage.

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Quantity of Vietnam of SamSung SDI be born produces OLED polarizing film

  SamSungSDI(SamsungSDI) for patulous and polarizing velar career, decision andSamSungMonitor (Samsung Display) enters Vietnam market hand in hand, will establish plant capacity to produce in Vietnam polarizing film, those who break outside talk is polarizing velar career sells say.

post day: 201603/287698…

Han intermediary Money Today covers, toSamSungSDISpecific the time place that enters Vietnam market, become south Zhao of SamSung SDI president express, because need to invest gold certainly, place above half an year should not very easy, big appointment is in second half of the year. SamSung SDI establishs the word of the factory in Vietnam, after can becoming city of afterwards Korea clear state and mainland not to have stannum the 3rd polarizing velar factory.

Polarizing film is the core material that carries to wait in monitor of picture of intelligence mobile phone, PC or TV appearance, stick on the monitor face plate of LCD or OLED, in order to controls the light or adjust brightness.

Vietnam of SamSung SDI choice will build polarizing film the reason of the 3rd factory, it is to enlarge LCD to use what still OLED waits to gain profit foundation. SamSung monitor is in the plant of module of OLED face plate that Vietnam north visits battalion to carrying intelligence mobile phone is used rather at present, what the quantity in factory of Vietnam of prospective SamSung SDI produces is polarizing the global monitor that film predicts to be able to supply adjacent SamSung monitor and other course of study person people.

Because be concerned with OLED material, the enterprise that standing Song Zaiguo is in group of support of material of SamSung SDI electron to was held in January explains to express in the meeting, the sale related to OLED material compared with the corresponding period grew 2015 20% above. And apple (the OLED intelligence of Apple) mobile phone or SamSung electron (the possibility that the OLED TV of Samsung Electronics) appears on the market profit that can make SamSung SDI is much element.

Polarizing 2015 excess supply brings about film the price glides, come out so SamSung SDI will be handled period of next relevant careers sell say. Zhao Na is become polarizing to this velar career sells those who say expression is intense deny, express again, polarizing the core that velar career is electronic material career, the view that offers to the career so is not a fact completely.

SamSung SDI began to care monitor 2007 necessary material is polarizing velar market grows trend, bought polarizing film is special course of study person IceDigitech, began polarizing velar career. Will polarizing 2011 velar career incorporates in ministry of electronic material career, begin formal Yo to become polarizing velar career. Current and polarizing the sale target of velar career is predicted to will promote 1 million Han Yuan 2017 () of about 800 million dollar.

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Refuse by flicker! Expose of be deliberately mystifying of intelligent TV firm ” black science and technology “

The tide that intelligence turns science and technology is more and more billowy, the last few years harangues household of most intelligence of nothing is more… than, and inside thisIntelligent TVIt is to be the same as come to of sleep deeply giant more general, the Xuan Yuan that causes Internet science and technology is big. There was new personality of 10 Internets TV to appear early or late last year. Their identical characteristic is to hitting the banner of Internet content, intelligence to turn the flag with operating system custom-built deepness, and have a fever the banner of function and feelings. The leaves TV only picture that makes them exclusively impoverished pledged. Release they or the meet paragraphs the flower is big time when be being tasted newly to tell a picture to pledge every time of course, still can say term of major of a lot of obscure cramped next, do not know a person to listen go up feel quite lofty to go up, the person that know can be blessed silently at the same time only.

post day: 201603/287708…

Refuse by flicker! Expose of be deliberately mystifying of intelligent TV firm " black science and technology "

The TV picture that why has some of firm is qualitative is the meeting impoverished Where is be deliberately mystifying? The place with the actually most essential respecting, face plate technology of high end and image treat the field of technology or an opposite forestall, doing not have many technical research and development and product experience to accumulate is impossible to can have positive result. And as just the new people of sortie TV, also do not have the actual strength of this respect for certain, at the same time the price of their product also decided what its use the social estate of face plate. Then we often hear on Internet TV news briefing, does the is black science and technology picture that is weighed by them pledge what thing the technology is after all?

Hear of this term everybody loves to use

MEMC, chinese is called athletic compensation. Almost every time manufacturer people when telling image to draw qualitative processing share, the first those who allude is it. Nevertheless we should uncover secret, actually MEMC is not the black science and technology with new what. This by the technology of American research and development, early was used by manufacturer of Japanese color television. Just apply for the most part at that time go up in high-end TV (this ” high end ” be captured by firm of certain firm firm, opportunistic nevertheless, it is the high-end TV more than 10 years ago, still can calculate now) , and in last few years basic metropolis introduces the product of firm of major traditional TV this one technology.

Refuse by flicker! Expose of be deliberately mystifying of intelligent TV firm " black science and technology "

Actually this technology is a when measure TV main index really, everybody is ceaseless now by ” refresh rate ” so after brainwashing of a concept, athletic compensation appears particularly important. Simple point says, what MEMC promotes an appearance namely through algorithm is fluent degree, originally the video of 24Hz, 60Hz is achieved after be being handled through algorithm even 120Hz, let video content do not pull the hind leg of hardware.

Refuse by flicker! Expose of be deliberately mystifying of intelligent TV firm " black science and technology "

In the past a similar technique calls Pull-up/pull-down, it also can promote 60Hz the content of 30Hz, but its method is simpler and rough, the frame that is a 30Hz only leads simple every frame to duplicate to become 60Hz into 2 frame, if be 24Hz frame rate,current frame duplicates 2 frame, below one frame duplicates 3 frame. But this kind of method did not add new appearance content to video, the quality of athletic picture did not get real change. And MEMC motion compensates a technology, it is to let chip proper motion forecast what can one frame be at the back of each frame, make judgement to the athletic contrail of dynamic picture namely, build the picture frame that does not have in primitive video next, insert primitive frame between.

Refuse by flicker! Expose of be deliberately mystifying of intelligent TV firm " black science and technology "

Why should use such technology? It is principle of a cask actually, hardware function has reached the capacity of decipher 60Hz, the signal frame rate of transmission technology also achieves 60Hz, only alone the content of 60Hz of video content respect is little little. So you used even if the TV of 60Hz, do not have corresponding hardware or cannot achieve best result. This used 4K TV with you, do not have 4K however piece source, looking at mark clear video still is hazy a truth. MEMC motion compensation can say is an eclectic plan only, but program source majority is 24Hz or 30Hz films, this technology also made necessary instrument.

Do not pass, even if is manufacturer of a lot of Internet used MEMC motion to compensate, but the refresh rate that is 60Hz mostly, this are met of course by conceal ably. Considering cost, use the face plate of 120Hz refresh rate very hard, the ground hold back of the use force that also allows this technology so was bent a lot of. But TV of true day Han high end, 60Hz is the standard of render only, the TV of 240Hz refresh rate also common occurance. Of course this refresh rate also is contained it seems that so flavour of a bit a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties. The refresh rate that a lot of people say to person eye can differentiate is 24Hz, why to see what the video of 60Hz always compares 24Hz want comfortable, look at 120Hz should compare 60Hz better off? This it may not be a bad idea thinks than Qiaobushen Retina is the limit of definition of person eye resolution, can be being returned when seeing 4K resolution jotter is be admired by Jing.

Brief summary: Technology of MEMC motion compensation is the main index with simple picture of a TV, small make up the mark that feels each big TV firm all should know passerby of its make it to match a technique, is not the sale method that uses be deliberately mystifying.

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Is Japanese video company appetent buy JOLED?

Cover according to Japanese media, JDI(Japanese video company) appetent buyJOLED. JOLEDBe byJDIOrgnaization of Japanese industry innovation is reached below Suo Ni, pine together (INCJ) was rolled out in August 2014, basically center in medium-sized flat and screen of notebook computer OLED. According to report, JOLEDWill begin trial production at the beginning of 2017 and 2017 the end of the year begins large quantities of quantities to produce.

post day: 201603/287699…

New report says, JDIBe interested in LCD branch of Xia Pu, dan Xiapu still decides to sell Fuji this branch finally health (although this trades,have not be over knot) . Then, JOLED became the 2nd option of JDI, and these Japanese companies plan to undertook conformity to their business 2016.

JDI stands to was built in November 2011 with Toshiba by Suo Ni, day, these a few companies will be respective medium or small union of face plate productivity rises and got Japanese industry innovates an orgnaization (the support of 100 million dollars of INCJ)20. JDI devotes oneself to OLED all the time and cross a few prototype showpiece (those who include above place to show is flexible OLED, this prototype exhibited 2015) , they say for filmy type OLED. Go up month, JDI announces the company plans to began to produce OLED face plate 2018.

In the meantime, using at the larger OLED of flat and notebook computer according to saying JOLED is putting the emphasis. Report said JOLED will be in Japan in August 2015 Ishikawa county investment establishs a new OLED to study establishment, establishment includes to try produce a line, can be by 2016 manufacturing sample. This research facilities still is further progress the quantity to produce a plant, turn production at beginning dimensions 2018 (of course, this needs bigger investment) .

Some earlier moment has report to think JOLED and malic company negotiate, the IPAD equipment that is malic future likely signs supply agreement.

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“The father of blue light ” show for laser endorse: Expect to commercialize

On Feburary 26, 2014 Nobel physics award gainer, the village in the father ” of “ blue light repairs 2 professors to arrive visit Shenzhen, undertake the technology communicates making an on-the-spot investigation mixing. After be recieved by the enthusiasm of the leader such as secretary of Shenzhen municipal Party committee, village professor comes to limited company of technology of Shenzhen town Guang Fengguang report all right in (next weighing headquarters of ”) of “ Guang Feng, visited a product to reveal hall and center of research and development, production center.

post day: 201603/287709…

Those who be known as the father ” of “ blue light is medium the village is repaired 2, was born in Japan 1954, be graduated from university of Japanese heart island, engineering of electron of day descendants beautiful book, it is Barbara of tower of emperor of American California university to divide material of gyp Cheng institute to fasten a professor now. Depend on in La GuangLEDThe remarkable success of the respect, he obtained a series of honor, made significant contribution for the happiness and benefit of complete mankind, and in October 2014, because invent “ ,with Chi Qiyong, Tian Yehao efficient blue gives off light diode (LED) ” was obtained 2014 Nobel physics award.



Gainer of Nobel physics award, why to stop Guang Feng?

As 2014 gainer of Nobel physics award, the ” of ” La Guangzhi father of famed far and near, why does village professor stop in Guang Feng? Guang Feng serves asLaser showsOf the domain get the person that run, it is a reduction that Shenzhen promotes own innovation capability. Be in Shenzhen, picture China for, the enterprise of technology of so dedicated innovation still has Biyadi, Guang Feng a lot of, they collected trade center talent, have powerful innovation capacity, held industry commanding elevation. Pass through such enterprise just about, the village teachs the innovation actual strength that saw Shenzhen and development speed in.



Village professor praises “ALPDisagreat Technology in! (ALPD laser fluorescence shows the technology is a kind of Xiang Wei’s old technique) ” .

The ALPD laser fluorescence of smooth peak original creation shows the technology is current the most advanced, the fluorescent material that is based on laser of GaN La Guang to stimulate movement and produce a kind or a variety of base the technology that color uses at image to show, it used blue smooth laser effectively the advantage of efficient, macrobian life, raising light cost was reduced greatly while effect changes efficiency, it is one kind overturns new class illuminant of the gender, it is lighting engineering history when go up major breakthrough. And this one invention, with in the village teachs the research be closely bound up in domain of solid state illuminant.

Before early, the village is taught in special valueLaser showsTechnology, pay close attention to development foreground of Guang Feng, care Guang Feng to be inLaser showsThe achievement of research and development of the domain, he ever stated laser is helping the mankind increase life quality respect, will have very wide application perspective, believe to be in before long in the future, myself inventsLEDTechnical be enslaved to be enslaved to the physical limit of its glow efficiency, final meeting is replaced by laser. Laser or the trend of a development that will make future show an industry. And fluorescent to ALPD laser of Guang Feng indication technology and laser show a product, the village is taught in special also approbate, say: “ we should be proud for Dr. Li Ge, proud for Guang Feng. I am the blue laser that invented 1995, inchoate it is very few application only, the market is very small, it is the DVD that does La Guang for the most part, because of Guang Feng the company’s revolutionary product applies now, use at for instance TV, umbriferous reach illume, make the foreground of this technology becomes very capacious, I am exceedingly happy. ”



The village in the father ” of “ blue light teachs spot speech

Overturn traditional, “ China makes ” create the model of ” transition to “ China

Arrive during visitting, village professor returns serious listen respectfully in the introduction that shows a product about smooth summit laser, the yield that saw a company line and center of research and development. To Guang Feng the technology produces a line advancedly, village professor feels very accident in and astonish, serve as with create relevant company, guang Feng does not have giant and complex automation line, do not take work road of concentrated molded lines, but can show in laser the domain keeps banner as before, the laser that has rich diversity shows a product, one kind must saying is pair of traditional production industries overturns, and all these profit from Guang Feng’s peculiar ” science and technology + the advanced production mode of production ” .

As in laser indication domain is had overturn sexual technology program and the nation that achieve patent technology formerly are new and high technical company, guang Feng and average acting treatment company are different, however a skill that mastering core, in laser indication domain has Promethean science and technology company, it already from the tradition in order to work concentrated model the product is given priority to, the technology intensive to hi-tech, high additional cost and capital are concentrated model the ” of ” China creation of the product transfers and upgrade. Laser of smooth peak deep ploughing shows a field, the actual strength of powerful research and development that has the much discipline such as electron, optical, mechanical, software, material to cross a territory, obtain domestic and international patent more than 700, among them 80% to invent patent, industry of abroad and patent layout the first.



The village teachs group to visit Guang Feng to produce a line in

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